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Sanitizing Your Data in the Best Ways

What is Data Sanitization?

Sensitive information must be securely erased from datasets and media as part of data sanitization to ensure that it cannot be retrieved, not even after intensive forensic investigation. There are many uses for data sanitization, but they are typically related to sharing and using huge datasets that include sensitive information or wiping off end-of-life electronic equipment. The three basic methods for wiping personal data from devices are data erasure, cryptographic erasure, and physical annihilation. Although the phrase “data sanitization” may give the impression that only data on electronic media is involved, the word really generally refers to data on physical medium as well, such as paper copies. For digital files, these data kinds are referred to as soft, and for printed copies on physical media, as hard. Sensitive data is also cleaned using data sanitization techniques, such as heuristic-based techniques, machine-learning techniques, and k-source anonymity.

This Data Sanitization process can be done with great processes and utmost perfection by our professional team at Dimensi Digital Daniswara.

Why Us?

Flexible Location Process

We provide secure process for on-the-spot or pick-up service with secure standardized procedures.

Secure Crushing/Shredding

The process of crushing/shredding will be conducted with high quality machines and in highly secure facilities with tight supervision and certified SOP.

Authorized Personnel

Our teams are professionally trained to conduct the whole process from picking up the product to crushing/shredding.

Job Certificate

All the destroyed hardware will be documented (Serial Number, Before and After Photos) and will be approved and signed by our team and our customers.

E-Waste Management

End-to-end solution that takes care of your storage waste.

What we can do for you

Our Services

Here at Dimensi Digital Daniswara, we specialize in Data Sanitation as seen on our services tailored for this process.

Storage Crushing

The process of storage crushing is defined as the physical destruction of a data-bearing asset by utilising automatic crushers. This process will be done on-site in our facility.

Chip Shredding

Inside SSD’s and other storage devices, a storage chip is located. That storage chip will be shredded through a process which uses specialised shredders. The use of counter rotating blades allows our shredders to physically destroy the storage chip resulting in total lost of data.

Waste Disposal

Once these processes are completed, our specialised team will supervise the proper disposal of this waste by either recycling them or sending them into a facility which utilise these “waste”.

Step-By-Step Process of Data Sanitation

The Process


Preparing to Execute

The tools and machines are prepared to execute the processes of data sanitation for the client by the team.

Group SSD

Storage Sorting

The hard disks are unboxed and then sorted by the team for easier access during the next processes.

Grouping 2

Storage Labelling

The unboxed and sorted hard disks are then labelled by stamps to keep track of them. 


Scanning and Recording Storage Serial Numbers

The serial numbers of the hard disks to be destroyed are then labelled to ensure the client that the company did not replace the hard disk with another one for security.

Tool used to destroy and break storage systems

Hard Disk Crushing

The hard disks are then finally crushed using a machine to ensure that all the data are gone. 



The hard disks are also sometimes shred instead of crushed, to ensure the data is completely lost just like Hard Disk Crushing. 

Group of Destroyed Storage Systems

Waste Management

After the shredding or the crushing, the waste of the destroyed hard disks are then safely thrown away with proper waste management methods.


After Crushing
Shredded Storage System
After Shredding

Ready to Sanitize Your Data?

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